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Nicola Pizza, A Family Run Pizzeria
45 Years and Still Going Strong


Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza


While walking the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, the most tantalizing aromas will capture you. If you weren’t hungry when you started your walk, you’ll be chomping at the bit by the time you walk 100 feet. Pizza, French fries with vinegar, ice cream. These foods go hand in hand with the beach and boardwalk. If you’re a visitor to the Delaware Beaches, you may not know where to go for a great meal and a great time. For the best pizza with the most family-friendly pricing, nothing beats Nicola Pizza.

When you walk into Nicola Pizza, you are welcomed as though you were one of the family, and usually by a member of the Caggiano family. At the Caggiano family’s pizzeria, family is key! Not only is there a welcoming and fun atmosphere, they also offer reasonable prices without skipping on the quality of their pizza.


A Rich Family History
Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza was started in 1971.  Nick and Joan Caggiano started by selling homemade pizza’s out of the kitchen of their home to help pay for medical bills from the birth of their daughter, Camille.  She was born in 1970 with spina bifida and had been hospitalized for most of her first year of birth.  Nick was a teacher and Joan worked as a teller at a bank, but they needed extra income to help.  After sometime, the pizzas became more popular and friends and neighbors encouraged them to get a loan and start a business.

Both of them left their careers. And in June of 1971, the doors of Nicola Pizza opened at 8 North 1st Street in Rehoboth Beach. The name Nicola was chosen to honor Nick Sr.’s father, his namesake. At first, pizza was the only thing on the menu. But they’ve grown to include two full bars, a sports bar and a full menu with pasta dishes, salads, appetizers and the Nicola Pizza signature item, the “Nic-o-boli.”


The Famous “Nic-o-boli” and Other Delicious Food
Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Delicious pizza is what gave Nicola Pizza a great name in Rehoboth Beach. And selling pizza by the slice out of their takeout window helps keep the beachgoers happy.

But Nicola Pizza’s signature item is the “Nic-o-boli.” This delicious concoction starts off with ground beef, cheese, and pizza sauce rolled in dough and baked to perfection in the oven. In 1975, local lifeguards approached Nick Sr. asking for a protein packed meal that could substitute for the hamburgers they were tired of eating. Thus, the “Nic-o-boli” was born!

Customers can now make their “Nic-o-boli” unique by adding any pizza toppings they want inside.  There is also the “Nic-Spino-oli,” which has spinach, cheese and olive oil and garlic rolled in the dough. And a healthy heart option with mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, spinach, and pizza sauce, but no beef or cheese. If you want to take the “Nic-o-boli” home with you, they sell them frozen in cases of 12.


On June 11th, Nicola Pizza will be celebrating its 45th year in business. But even after all these years, the Caggiano family hopes that when someone leaves they felt welcomed, had fun, enjoyed their meal and will pass that experience on to others.  Nick Sr.’s famous line is “please, tell a friend” and they hope that you will.


Contact Information

Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Photo Credit: Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza

8 North 1st Street Rehoboth Beach, DE

(302) 227-6211








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