Annual Dewey Beach Running of the Bull 2021

At Dewey Beach’s Starboard Restaurant, Dewey Beach. The bull runners meet at the Starboard in the early morning hours (which run from 11 AM to 1:30 PM in Dewey) on the appointed day, where they enjoy beverages, loud music, and general pre-run festivities (like the meeting and greeting of the Bull, but mostly just beverages and loud music). At 2 PM, the Run officially begins.

With so much uncertainty earlier, we pushed the Bull Run back as late as we can being hopeful it would happen. We can now say IT’s ON! This year only it will be in August, then back to June in 2022.  (I apologize for those I originally told August 14th, but we cannot conflict with the Skimboard Championships on the beach that day)   Kristin and the Noise at noon