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Five Easy Ways to Add Outdoor Adventure to your Beach Vacation

1. Take a Lesson

Studies show learning a new skill increases white matter in your brain and prevents dementia. But best of all, it’s fun! Sailing, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, skim boarding—the beach offers endless opportunities to make you smarter. 

2. Join a Guided Nature Tour

Tours will expand your knowledge in a short amount of time. With a guide you’ll discover unfamiliar places, spot wildlife and hear about the history or the ecosystem of the area. Learning new facts about your favorite vacation spot is a great way to feel more connected. 

3. Take a Hike

The hiking trails in our parks fit perfectly into your vacation time frame. They are short and quickly get you deep into our beautiful coastal ecosystem. Just be sure to pack plenty of bug spray! 

4. Hop on a Bike

Instead of driving to lunch at that new restaurant you’re excited to try, ride a bike! You’ll see the area in a new way0.

5. Plan a Family Expedition

Whether by kayak, bike, paddleboard, foot, or a combination, planning a day trip with your family is valuable bonding time. Look at a map and pick out your route. Pack a lunch. Research waypoints. The anticipation you’ll build will add even more to the experience. 

Above all else, outdoor adventures create shared memories that last a lifetime.
And most importantly—they are a blast! 

Jenifer Adams-Mitchell
Owner, Coastal Kayak