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Nicola Pizza Rehoboth Beach

Nicola Pizza

One of Rehoboth Beach’s Best Pizzerias

When you visit Rehoboth Beach, there are quite a few must-do activities and must-see attractions. You have to explore the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, spend a day on the beach and dine at some of Rehoboth Beach’s fantastic restaurants.

A Rehoboth Beach staple, Nicola Pizza has been serving up some of the best pizza in the area since 1971. Nicola Pizza invites diners to become a part of their family, by baking classic pies in a welcoming atmosphere. A trip to Rehoboth Beach is not complete without grabbing a slice from one of the restaurant’s two locations.

Nicola Pizza History

Nick and Joan Caggiano started Nicola Pizza in 1971 by selling their homemade pizzas from the kitchen of their home. The couple’s daughter was born with spina bifida and they needed extra money to help pay the medical bills. As time went on, the Caggiano’s pizzas become more popular. Friends who enjoyed the slices encouraged them to get a loan and start their own business.

The two left their careers as a teacher and bank teller and opened Nicola Pizza’s first location on 1st Street in Rehoboth Beach. The name Nicola pays homage to Nick Caggiano’s father.

Initially, Nicola Pizza only served pizza, but today, the restaurant has grown to two locations with a full menu of items, including a signature dish.

Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza Menu

Nicola Pizza uses quality ingredients to create their famous pizzas, including three types of cheese. The homemade pies are made without animal or vegetable oil, making each pizza vegetarian-friendly to start.

Pizza sizes range from a personal-sized pizza to a 24-slice pizza, perfect for parties and large groups. Nicola has all the signature meat and vegetable toppings that any pizza lover will enjoy.

In addition to a traditional pizza, Nicola also offers a Healthy Heart Pizza option, using fat-free dough and sauce with no cheese. A less heart healthy, but equally delicious option, is the White Pizza that comes with the option of extra toppings. Spice lovers won’t want to miss a chance to try Nicola’s Red Devil Pizza, a hot sauce pizza with cheese.

Accompany your pizza with a salad, soup, pasta, sandwich and more. There’s even a menu perfect for children. The items on the kid’s menu are made with cholesterol-free frying oil.

Nicola Pizza is also home to the Nic-o-Boli. The Nic-o-Boli is an over-stuffed sandwich brimming with pizza sauce, cheese and pizza toppings. The dish began as a way of keeping the local lifeguards full with a protein-packed meal. Customers can order their Nic-o-Boli with any of the pizza toppings. There’s even a low carb version made without dough.

If you like the Nic-o-Boli, try the Nic-Spin-oli, made with white sauce, garlic, spinach and cheese; or the Nic-e-Bolito, made with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and jalapenos for a south of the border flavor.

Nicola Pizza Nic-o-Bloi

More Information about Nicola Pizza

Nicola Pizza is located at 8 N 1st St., Rehoboth Beach and 71 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach.

Visit both family-friendly locations. Nicola Pizza’s original 1st Street location features an electric train that kids will love spotting as it chugs around the restaurant. Both locations feature a dining room that perfect for a meal with family or friends, or just watching the big game on one of the TVs.

Love Nicola Pizza so much that you want to bring it home? Well, you can. Order a case of Nic-o-Boli or purchase Mama Nicola’s Homemade Sugo, which is a spaghetti sauce made with high-quality ingredients.

Images provided by Nicola Pizza


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